Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve spent most of my life in Arkansas, Kansas and San Francisco. I moved to Brooklyn in October of 2012.

Since 2008, I’ve worked as the Social Media Editor for TreeHugger. I helped launch and managed social for Discovery’s Planet Green. Previously, I’ve been a blogger and ad sales guy for Raw StoryLawrence.com and The Lawrence Journal-World.

More professional details are available at LinkedIn and Zerply.

I’ve written for a number of different media outlets including TreeHuggerThe Atlantic, MAKE Magazine and Dwell. I wrote a chapter for Barefoot Bloggers, a guide to “writing to save the planet.”

I created Instantique, a digital collection of wonderful junk. Tag your Instagrams with #Instantique to contribute. 

I’m usually @ChrisTackett on social media, but I’m most active on InstagramTwitter and Facebook

Whether it comes in the form of an article, a video or a product photo, I collect beauty on Tumblr, Svpply and Pinterest. Follow me there to see what I find interesting. 


Top Photo Credit: Jaymi Heimbuch